Founded and managed by Paul Wourms, PWI Construction brings more than 20 years experience in the residential remodeling & improvements as well as commercial & residential roofing business.  Paul Wourms is the owner and primary point of contact for each project.  This personal contact is important to ensure that design, goals, progress and challenges are clearly communicated to keep you, the homeowner the center of the decision process for the life of the entire project.

PWI is a specialized contractor (as apposed to a general building contractor) that focuses on three elements of the construction market: residential remodeling and improvements, residential roofing & siding and commercial roofing.

We understand that each project is unique and, for you, the customer, important and personal.  Whether it is a simple kitchen counter upgrade or as large as a room addition, it is an important investment in your home. 

Working with PWI starts with free initial design consulting and estimate.  This is where matching design choices with available budget can be critical to the project.  If you are already working with an architect – that’s great.  PWI will work closely with your architect and you to realize that new, beautiful space.

But regardless the size of the project or the cost and quality of the materials, the high quality of the workmanship remains the same.  At the end, our goal is to hear one word from our customers.  Wow!